no app is an island


Dependency is an Australian business developing iOS apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Ultimately we depend on the blessing of God to achieve anything worthwhile, and "No app is an island" is a paraphrase of John Donne's famous poem and it is based on our recognition that everything we develop is dependent on the work of others and that we all also depend on each other for our success.



Visual To-Do

Redefining the way people manage lists of things to do by using graphic visualisations of the state of everything on the list rather than an actual list. With daily notifications of tasks due it is also perfect for birthdays and anniversaries.

Try it, it will change the way you do things.


More Than Music

The media player designed specifically for language students.

Play slower or faster. Replay the last 10 seconds. Shuffled or in order. Audio, video or images (slideshow).


Get Moving

The fitness app for the rest of us.

Itís not about getting fit and timing how fast you are. Itís simply about getting off your chair and walking around.


Simple Flash Card Maker

Don't like our flash cards? Then make your own.

Make your own flash cards for anything. Elementary Math, Language study, Bible Memorization, Exam Preparation.


Simple Presentation

Easily build and display a professional presentation directly on your iPad, or iOS device. You can even display it on a digital projector if you also purchase the apple connection cable. We make building the presentation easy, so all you have to worry about is what it says.



Drawing spiroid patterns with pen and paper is fun. But what if the pen could change colours as you draw. What if you didn't have to use circles. What if you could draw with a brush that draws with spiroid paint!


Feed Cloud

Making sense of all your news and blog RSS feeds by building a "cloud" of keywords to show you at a glance what topics are hot, and helping you to read just the articles which might interest you without wading through screen after screen of article headers.


Beginners Japanese Dictionary with Grammar

A Japanese English dictionary which understands Japanese grammar so you don't have to.

Based on the 220,000 word EDICT dictionary from Monash University.


Not Just Words

A free Bible search program we developed for Little Watchman. Which searches using a thesaurus and automatically finds all forms of a word. Supports the WEB, KJV, ASV, LWT, Darby, Young versions of the Bible.


Numbers To Think About

An app which lets you explore some of the "big" statistics of the world population. Like the birth and death rates. You can also use the interactive map to see for yourself the differences in these statistics in different regions.


Japanese Conversation through Dialogues

Two joint venture apps with The Japan Shop for learning Japanese conversation. One for Beginners and one for Upper Beginners. Each with hundreds of sound files and detailed vocabulary for each dialog.


Kanji Towers

Complete with over 1,000 sound files by a native speaker. Kanji Towers is a fun game for learning the first 440 Japanese kanji. As well as Hiragana and Katakana.
Get a multiple choice question right and you get to drop a kanji onto the pile below where it is converted into a bamboo tower. Build your tower "to the sky" and you've completed the level. Gain awards along the way for mastering kanji and for reaching points and levels goals.


1000 Basic Flash Cards for Japanese

This is an app for beginners of Japanese to learn Hiragana, Katakana and about 800 words of basic vocabulary.


1000 Kanji Flash Cards for Japanese

This is an app for beginners of Japanese to learn the first 440 Kanji. There are flash cards for the basic English meaning, the On and Kun Japanese readings, plus flash cards for common words which use only these kanji.


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