Simple Flash Card Maker  

Don’t like our flash cards? Then make your own.

Make your own flash cards using text, images, sound or video. Make them on your iOS device, or import them from your Mac or PC.


Ignore cards you know well, or drill yourself on the whole deck or 10 at a time. You can even rotate your device to see just the card full screen.

Drills can be regular “Front and Back” style or “Multichoice” with 4 possible answers. Either way, if you get the card right it’s removed from the drill, (not the deck). If you get it wrong it’s shuffled back in and will keep coming up until you do get it right.


You always have your phone with you, so take advantage of those moments throughout the day to do a quick review of your deck. Feel good as you realise you’re actually remembering this stuff!


Regular review is the key to memorising anything - now you can do it anywhere, anytime.




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