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Downloadable Decks for Simple Flash Card Maker

This page has our (currently very limited) selection of pre-made import files for building decks in Simple Flash Card Maker.

These files are all in ZIP format. If you have version 1.3 or higher of Simple Flash Card Maker, you can copy the zip file directly to your iOS device (using iTunes), but if you have version 1.2 you must unzip the file and copy just the TXT file to your device. (or upgrade to v1.3 - which should be available in the store before the end of February).


Japanese Decks for Beginners

Hiragana Deck all 104 Japanese hiragana.

Katakana Deck all the 104 basic katakana, plus the 13 extended katakana used for transliterating English

Basic Japanese Deck over 900 basic vocabulary words in hiragana/katakana with English meanings

Kanji Meanings Deck basic English meanings for the first 440 Japanese Kanji

Kanji Readings Deck onyomi and kunyomi readings for the first 440 Japanese Kanji

Kanji Keywords Deck over 1500 cards with keywords which use only the first 440 Japanese Kanji



SAT Vocabulary Deck 100 sample words from the SAT vocabulary.


More decks will be added here over time. Please send us any which you think may be useful to others.


To make use of these decks you need "Simple Flash Card Maker" for iOS. Available in the app store.

Download the decks by clicking the link, and then follow the instructions included in the help page of the app.

Within a few minutes you should have the deck loaded and be ready to start practising.


Regular review is the key to memorising anything - now you can do it anywhere, anytime

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