Making geometric patterns on paper by pushing a pen through a hole in a disc and rotating it inside another disc can be a hours of fun. But what if the discs didn’t have to be round? What if they could be square?


What if they could be heart shaped? 

What if the pen could change colour as you draw?

What if it could even change size as you draw?

What if you could make a paintbrush that used tiny versions of these patterns as it’s paint!


You can!


Spiroids can be drawn inside circles, ellipses, rectangles, triangles and even inside heart shapes.

The pen can be a pencil just a single pixel wide, or it can be a brush 20 times wider.

And it can even change colors as you draw.


In Gyroid mode you can paint with a brush that draws small spiroids as you paint.

They’re beautiful. And you can print them and save them to your photo album. (So you can email or message them to you friends).


Round discs with pen and paper is old school. Go new school with Spiroids and have even more fun.




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