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Smart Kanji Browser  


NHK Easy News, Nippon Talk, and Matcha are a fantastic resources for Japanese middle school students and for foreigners who are studying Japanese. The articles are interesting, updated regularly, and the Japanese is aimed at students of intermediate level.

All the kanji in every story has furigana. Which is good if you don’t know how to read that kanji, but really distracting if you do. When you’re learning new kanji you need to push yourself and only see that furigana if you really can’t remember.

Smart Kanji Browser adds Plus Alpha’s Smart Kanji technology to a web browser allowing you to turn furigana on and off for individual kanji as you learn them on any site which has furigana above the kanji.

Couple that with relevant and interesting articles. And on NHK there is also a native speaker at intermediate level so you can read along and practise until you’re perfect.

Throw in their Japanese-Japanese dictionary for words you might not know, and you’ll not only improve your kanji reading, but you’ll improve your ability to think in Japanese as well.

NHK and Matcha add new articles all the time.

Smart Kanji Browser saves your reading history, so you can easily return to a particular article and read it over and over until you master it.

You decide which articles to read.

You say which kanji have furigana.

You control how hard you push yourself to learn new kanji.


Read interesting things. Learn the kanji. Think in Japanese.




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